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Warning: While this chapter doesn't show it, later chapters will have characters dying, torture and unrequired romance.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the sky. It was completely grey, as usual. I stared at it a few moments in silence, not knowing where I was or why. After some minutes, I decided it was better to do something that wasn’t just watch the nothing.
I started walking around, searching for something familiar. I didn’t have any idea of where I was. There wasn’t anything, not even a single tree, a robot or at least a cloud on the sky.
After about ten minutes, I found something lying on the floor. I came closer to it, until I noticed what it was: An arm, full of blood. I just stared at it, completely freaked out. I started to walk away without losing it of sigh even for a second. I felt my feet hit something and decided to turn around. I could feel my heart beating faster: It was Sonic’s corpse. I had seen that same image so many times in the past moths, but it still made me cry. Just like before, I could see that he didn’t have his left arm and a big cut in his chest.

I woke up with tears in my eyes in the dark room. I saw Sally and the rest of the team were still sleeping, so I went to the bathroom to wash my face and try to relax. It was hard to adjust to everything that was happening now that Sonic was gone. I could barely sleep at night and, whenever I do fall sleep, I wake up with horrible images of all the people we lose. I can barely eat, especially meat, because it remembers me of the blood in the battlefield. And there’s also the fact that we don’t have lots of food.
Finally, I decided to go to my lab so I could distract a little. The only problem is that, to get there, I have to go thought the kitchen, and I looks like Knuckles has awaken. Why is this a problem? Because he’s always acting like I am a small child. He tells me I should eat more, that I should go back to sleep and that I shouldn’t pass so much time working in the lab or practicing with Sally. And, thought I nearly always ignore him, I don’t want to start discussions so early in the morning and disturb the others’ sleep. Finally, I decided to just enter the kitchen.
-What are you doing awake at this hour, Tails? - I heard him say. I tried to just ignore him and leave, but he grabbed my arm and forced me to sit.
-I could ask the same to you. Besides, I need to work - I saw him rolling his eyes, and I know he wasn’t going to let me go in a while.
-You waked me up with your crying – His gaze and his voice were now more worried than angry, and I started to feel bad – Besides, you need a little rest. And I wouldn’t let you skip breakfast today.
He gave me a small sandwich and, even if I said I wasn’t hungry, he made me eat it. In my opinion, he’s overreacting. Yes, I’m slim, I admit it, but it not like I had passed out because from bad eating… At least not more than twice. When I finally finished, he gave a small smile that made me feel a little less angry and let me go do my job.
-Espio, how are things over there- Vector asked me on the radio. I wished I could answer, but the robots near me made it impossible. Maybe it had been a bad idea to go alone in such a dangerous mission…But I was already inside the place, and I wasn’t leaving without at least some information.
I moved as slow as possible, happy to be chameleon and a ninja. Nearly all the information was kept in the computer, so I had to think of a way to download everything without alerting the guards of my presence. The only idea I had was to defeat them, but they were too many, and I couldn’t risk getting myself captured. After all, I was the best (And nearly only) spy in the rebellion, and we were too close to finally defeating the new Metal Sonic. I wanted to live to see the world be back in peace… But it was going to be hard to win the war without information of our much stronger enemy. Once I was in front of the computer, I touched a button and every robot looked in my direction. They just stared at the screen, waiting for something while I tried not to breath.
Finally, after some minutes (That felt like hours) they continued working. I touched another button and the screen changed, showing some important information… Or what I believed to be information. Everything was written in binary code, so it was hard to tell what was important and what not. I started to download everything into the memory stick Tails gave me, when I noticed all the robots were now looking around with their weapons prepared to shoot. Of course they had noticed me! I graved the memory stick with all the information in it and started to run. I was so nervous that I stopped being invisible and all of them started to shoot at me. A blast hit me in the arm and I fell. It was really painful. But I managed to get up and leave the place and get in the car with the rest of my group.
-Espio, are you okay?- Charmy asked, after noticing that my arm was bleeding. I nodded, trying to look strong. He didn’t really accepted my answer- Hey, Mighty, you should check out Espio’s arm. It looks really bad.
So now I’m here, resting (Even though I don’t need rest. It was a short mission, after all) waiting for Tails to finish reading the information I gathered
-It says something important?- I ask him, and I only have a nod for an answer- What does it say? Do you think we can use that knowledge for our advantage?
-Yes- And again, that was it. Lately, having a conversation with Tails was impossible. So, instead of trying to talk with the young fox to read everything I got.
It seems like the war is not ending anytime soon
Sonic Fanfiction Chapter 1
Hello! Before anything, thank you for reading :love: I know it's short but I swear I'll make it longer next time
Okay, now to the real thing: This chapter is pretty shoft, so I have to warn you the next ones will have character death, torture (Mostly mental, but also some fisical) and, as you can read, it's going in the middle of a war. Also, there's Tails having a crush on Sonic, but don't worry if you don't like the ship, its not required. There are also some other minor ships, but you can ignore them 


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